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My passion is on fashion, I loved being groomed and dressed up by the most fashion designer. So at the age of 17, I became a fashion model up to date. I love traveling and explore places. In my journey, I met a lot of artists, talents, and experts whom I work with, sometimes for a fashion shoot. Along my way, I discovered how fashion industries less diverse to most artists and talents around the world. While I am engaged in a fashion group, and some event so I have seen the difficulties of young artists who struggle for their dream and career. What I observed was the less diversified characteristic of the fashion industries. I launched Models Culture way back in 2018 with “nothing but a laptop and a piece of dollars.” with the guidance of co-founder E. Chambon – Paris and Alan Stewart – UK who Structured MC. On a mission to crack a career growth strategy for me as a Model. I was frustrated by the lack of recognition and consideration for novice and early stage talents online. I am interested in listening to the most story of a young artist on their journey with their passions and dreams. Listen to the most inspiring well-rounded fashion entity that helps young talents of today to reach their goal and dream in fashion industries. “If a piece of art is never seen, it never exists. Isn’t it? It was the wisdom or philosophy of the fashion world since its birth. It is the point of discovery that makes or breaks an artist’s career, and it is heartbreaking when talent not discovered, and an artist loses hopes. We have seen this repeatedly, and it bangs the brutality of the fashion world. When a model or an artist puts themselves out there, it is about believing they are on the edge of something successful and beautiful. Moreover, we stand by you in this belief. You are a unique individual offering unique creativity that someone, somewhere is required to complete something fabulous work. This is why Models Culture exists and this is what we all about.”

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