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Florist for Your Especial Events

It started all, when a neigborhood flower shop’s florist left her work. At that time I was jobless at the age of 23, I grew up with grandma, and he was a flower vendor in Barcelena. She has a rented shop for her fresh flowers. It was delivered by merchants and she had this line of busines in 2 decades now. I almost knew all types of flower, and at my young it comes naturally, the talent and ideas on how we used flowers for daily style, and even the huge orders for a wedding, birthdays, etc. Grandma never asked me to work with her but I do help then. She asked me to work for my dream and passions.

So when I got employed to that flowershop, my freedom on doing what my ideas and passion become more detailed. I work there for 3 years until it was totally stop operating due to the owner deceased. So I built my own florist consultancy fiorm, and built my own shop with 4 crews. Aside from that, I do my consultancy in and out of spain and do services for any activity where my skills in creativity using flowers needed.

Been to many fashion shows as a florist and stylist, and some fashion photography. Been a florist for 10 years now but no, maybe since 5 years old? its my play ground then.

If your interested on booking me for my service, I would loved it then, tell me you dream set up, or ideas, nor I could share you ideas for your dream project. Just invite me on your posted project or book directly on my services herein posted.


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Flower Stylist

  •  Flower Fashion
  •  Apr 2014 - Present

I work here as a florist consultant and up to present. Flower Fashion is the company with its service on providing nature's scene and flower garden wedding events, debut, special occassion and the florist of tv series beauty and me.


Fashion Styling

  •  School of Fashion Barcelona

Along with my passion in flowers, I took this degree to enhance my career in fashion and styling and both merge to something extra ordinary as being florist, the skils of using flowers on my projects.

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