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I’m Emily, I also respond to Emmie. I’m a London based photographer, living with my amazing husband and two little girls. UAL alumni with over 10 years’ experience. My first love is Jesus, then my family, then friends. After all of them, it’s people.

I love documenting people in whatever stage of life they find themselves. I adore the care free, touchable excitement of starting an adventure with the love of your life as you celebrate your engagement… next thing you know you’re walking down the aisle. All the moments and emotions shared with family and friends on your wedding day. A few years later the adventures change into the unknown with a little life (or two) growing inside of you. Then you blink – your baby is in your arms with all the love, joy and sleepless nights that comes with that. After a year, or five, repeating the sleepless nights process a few times, you have added to your family. This is when we meet the little humans who have given your world a whole new meaning. This is how I document such event through my photography. More people, more love, more authentic, raw moments to capture. What an honor to be part of people’s lives like this? I love documenting every moment, no matter how big or small, as honest, and real as they come.


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