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Castings: Male/Female Model

  • Job typeJob type: Onsite
  • Job DurationMore than 06 months
  • Project LevelPro Level
  • Project deadline31 May 2022
  • // Kingdom

Project detail

JW is now open for new faces of Male/Female models Please send your proposal. This projects includes one year contract of modeling and and as a partial contract the talent fee bracket mentioned here and depends on the agreed proposal.

Model’s duties can vary from day to day, this role tends to involve several core responsibilities:

Pose for Photo Shoots

One of the most common responsibilities of a fashion model is posing for photo shoots. Typically, a fashion model receives items of clothing from a designer or brand and works with stylists and photographers to take a series of photographs for use in print or online campaigns. This aspect of the role requires the ability to carefully listen to directions and work well with others, since many photo shoots involve several people, including other models.

Film Commercials

Many fashion models also film television commercials and other video advertisements. While this aspect of the role frequently overlaps with photo shoots, film shoots may have added complexity and require longer hours of work. Some models may even have speaking roles in advertisements, which may require them to memorize lines or read cue cards while still highlighting the items they are wearing.

Participate in Runway Shows

Fashion models also participate in runway shows in which designers premiere their seasonal or new collections. In this aspect of the role, models need to walk with poise and convey a certain emotion under the direction of the designer or a show director while still showing off clothing items. Additionally, runway models may need to quickly change between outfits and model several within the space of one show.

Style Clothing and Makeup

While some photo shoots and runway shows have stylists to provide assistance with makeup and styling, fashion models may also need to style themselves for some gigs. In these cases, fashion models need to select makeup that highlights their features and complements the items they are modeling.

Develop and Maintain Portfolios

In order to improve their employment prospects and access higher-paying gigs, fashion models also need to develop and maintain their professional portfolios. This may involve looking through photo sets to find individual photos that highlight the model’s skills or assets. Often, fashion models may work with their agents on portfolio development, so collaboration can also be important.

Travel to Gigs

Modeling gigs can take place all around the world, so fashion models also need to be ready to travel, often on short notice. Depending on the gig, models may need to make their own travel arrangements or work with their agencies to travel to jobs in other cities or countries. In many cases, fashion models have very little downtime between landing in a new place and beginning work, so they must be ready to start working as soon as they arrive.

 London, UK
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Project Completion deadline

5 September 2022