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My relaxed approach aims to make even the most nervous sitter feel at ease in front of the lense and enjoy the photographic experience. I take natural portraits, and best reflect the sitters, bringing his perspective while also interpreting the brief set by the creative team. As a regular contributor to Models Culture magazine, my photographs are portraits of models and people within the fashion industry, such as Danny Martinez and other talents and artists.

My background as a graphic designer at a university informs the work produced, bringing an added sensitivity and intelligence to the visual experience. In addition, post-production services are available, such as retouching and traveling throughout Mexico and internationally for commissions.

Additionally, my photographs for various magazines, supplements, and websites. Including the front covers, features, and reviews from portraits for Models Culture magazine and another magazine. To blind dates for Working with a creative team and fashion professionals to ensure the imagery created supports and reflects the story and concept for the feature. My works often illustrate factual stories; therefore, the integrity of the image is essential with the need to capture the essence of the scene and story being told, in line with the client’s vision.

If my skills and profession makes you wonder to hire me, the Instagram link on my profile and my portfolio herein Alejandro Huerta Portfolio

 Tabasco, Mexico
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